More basement shelving! - May 2014

Two of the four having finish applied.

[right] In our basement there were still a number unopened boxes of items from my parents house. This was becoming oppressive to me, so I resolved to see through my long delayed plans to expand the shelf space in our basement. Construction was of 1x12 select pine. Top and bottom are rabbeted, and the shelves sit in dados, so they are fixed. The units were squared corner to corner with a 1/4" veneer plywood backing simply nailed in place (no rabbet). So this was very basic construction.

All four nearing completion.

[right] At various stages of having finish applied. I put on four coats of Zissner's Amber Shellac, thinned 50-50 with ethanol.

In place in the basement.

[right] Contents include: Civil War books (mine), assorted non-polar book (John's), boxes of photographs and negatives covering roughly 1965-2003, photo albums of all my parents major trips, framed family photographs, Pacific NW Native American Art, Inuit soapstone carvings, chess sets, and other miscellanea. The 500+ vinyl LPs belong to me.