Installing new floors

When we moved in to Ottowana, most of the flooring was either unfinished exterior grade plywood, 12" square glue-backed brick-colored linoleum tiles, or oatmeal colored wall to wall carpeting. All were ugly, but it a weird way, the linoleum tiles were even uglier than the either the plain plywood or the carpet. In any event, the exisiting floor coverings were all slated for replacement early on.

After considering a few options, I decided to install pre-finished Heart Pine flooring from Lumber Liquidators. Each box covers about 23.5 square feet of floor. To date, I have installed the flooring in 8 rooms totaling approximately 1,150 square feet, for a total of almost 50 boxes of Heart Pine. All of which had to be schlepped from the Lumber Liquidators store in either DC or Syracuse, dumped at the landing, loaded into the outboard, zipped across the lake, and dragged up the hill to Ottowana. And I am still not finished!

New floor going in - 2008

[right] The small loft bedroom was the very first floor I replaced, in the summer of 2008. I figured that if I screwed up, the upstairs loft would not be the first place that poeple looked. In any event, the floor has gone down smoothly and I am very happy with the results.

New floor completed

[left] The floor in the upstairs loft bedroomn is complete. Note beer bottle on window ledge.

Bunkroom floor - 2013

[right] By the end of summer 2013, I had completed 8 rooms totalling 1150 square feet. The main upstairs bunkroom foor was completed in August 2013, a back breaking job since I first had to pull up the existing blue wall to wall carpet, which had been glued down to the subfloor, scrape up all the foam rubber carpet backing which remained stuck to the floor, and then put down the new Heart Pine. But the results are totally, and I mean totally worth it!