Meet some of our friends

Barry and Jimmy

I have known Barry since the late 70's at Penn, where we used to go clubbing and to concerts together. Jimmy and Barry own a great place on T street in DC - within easy walking distance - which they are gradually rehabbing their coop in "high style".

Theresa, Paul, et al

I worked with Theresa at CBO back in the 80s, and through her we met Paul. As you can see there are a lot of kids! They moved to to San Diego a few years ago, so we don't see them all that often, but we keep in touch through the miracle of the internet.

Hank Fessler

This is Hank. He is an attending physician at John's Hopkins where he treats people whose lungs are full of water (note: people with water-filled lungs cannot talk, hence Hank does not have to talk to them, which suits him just fine). His dour personality leads him to eat just about anything edible including tree leaves, racoons, and squirrels. His wife Joan tolerates him with saintly patience. Somehow he has produced two intellegent and attractive daughters.

Brian Jones

This is Brian. The original mountain man. etc.